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Chushin Kobo

Tea incense furnace 茶香爐 三方皿

Tea incense furnace 茶香爐 三方皿

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1997年成立的 日本山形縣「鋳心ノ工房」鑄鐵所,主理人増田尚紀利用傳統日本鑄造工藝,製作適合現今生活的用品。以「硬」的技術,融合「軟」的生活。將傳統的種子放進生活中。

品名:香箱 ・六折丸
MA-69/Acceaaories box/Mutsuorimaru
寸法: W120xD118xH74mm





Tea incense furnace
A tea incense burner is an incense burner that heats tea leaves to enjoy the aroma. It is attractive that you can enjoy the fragrant and refreshing scent by slowly heating the tea leaves using candles.
The candle-type tea incense burner, like a general aroma pot, slowly roasts it over time to give it a scent. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy the flickering of flames and want to use indirect lighting for relaxing. Use your favorite tea leaves such as Japanese tea, black tea, Chinese tea, herbal tea or coffee beans.
The tea incense burner at Chushin Kobo is a combination of a warmer and an iron plate. Cast iron is heavy, so you can use it with confidence without worrying about it falling over.
These tea incense furnaces are made of cast iron. Cast iron is easy to rust, so after use, wipe it with a soft cloth and store it in a dry place. It's made in Japan

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