Collection: NOTO HI BAKARA

來自日本石川縣金澤市的NOTO HI BAKARA,以能登半島生長的柏樹 "能登ヒバ" 製造的柏木噴霧,令室內充滿著森林清香。所有木材均以可持續方式種植。

NOTO HI BAKARA from Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, produces cypress wood spray made from "Noto Hinoki," a Japanese cypress grown on the Noto Peninsula, which fills indoor spaces with a forest fragrance. All the wood used is grown sustainably.

"Noto Hinoki" has natural antibacterial, antiviral, deodorizing, and insect-repelling properties. Its aroma is also known to have a relaxing effect.