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ROSEN BRIDGE Candle Summer Night

ROSEN BRIDGE Candle Summer Night

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Mid-summer firework festival. Fairy young maiden in yukata waiting for the firework at waterside. Nothing is brighter than her sweet smile.

Basil, lime and geranium. Sweet, refreshing and young.


To prevent fire and injury, burn candle in sight. Keep away from vibrations. Keep out reach of children and pets. Never put candle near anything can catch fire.

Only burn candle on fire resistant surface. Do not burn the candle for more than 3 hours. Do not extinguish the candle before the surface of soy wax is completely melt. Do not use when ½ inch wax remain on bottom.

Be careful the tin maybe hot when burning. 

About Wick:
Wood wick

1. 請使用普通打火機或火柴,防風打火機溫度太高,會將木芯燒掉。
2. 點蠟燭時可將蠟燭微微打斜,令火更快平均燒著整條木芯,亦可輕輕轉動蠟燭,令熱力更快傳到附近的蠟上。如木芯有特別高出的部分,需要輕輕修剪。留下3-4mm。
3. 開始時木芯容易被吹熄,要待蠟池溶至5毫子直徑才會穩定,因此要避免放於大風處,亦可用火輕輕熱溶芯附近的蠟協助。
4. 環境因素也有影響,避免放蠟燭於潮濕地方,如洗手間。木芯碰到水氣會很難燃點。

Cotton wick
綿芯碳化後,需要作出適當修剪(至3-4mm長度), 否則火焰會過大,影響蠟燭氣味。

Rosen Bridge Candle is made by pure soy wax and sustainable wood wick.
There are few points you may interested in when igniting the wood wick.

1. First time ignite the candle, wood wick may extinguish shortly. It is normal as the wax pool is not large enough for stable burning. Ignite again and wait for few minute, it will be burning fine.

2. The wood wick need to warm up every time. The flame will look weak and unstable at the first few minutes, it will be stable shortly when the wax is warm enough, please be patience.

3. Don't shorten the wick, burnt wick is easy to crack, if it is too short, it will not be able to ignite again.

4. If wick is too short to burn, take some wax out by spoon, and blow the candle by hair dryer to flatten the surface.

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