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Karlskrona Lampfabriken

FLAGGSKÌR Brass with VESTA Lamp Shade 190

FLAGGSKÌR Brass with VESTA Lamp Shade 190

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Swedish Oil Lamp Manufacturer Karlskrona Lampfabriken start their business on 1884. Everything is still handmade in their factory with the old German machines until now. 

All Karlskrona Lampfabriken's kerosene lamps are equipped with round burners designed according to Aimé Argand's patent from the end of the 18th century.

These burners and have several advantages compared to the simpler flat burner, which now occurs mainly in imported low-cost lamps.
Its main advantage is the extremely high degree of combustion - if you use pure kerosene in a round burner, basically all the kerosene vapor is burned and no harmful particles come out into the room.
The high degree of combustion is partly explained by the construction where the wick forms a pipe that creates a chimney effect inside the wick cone.
In addition, there is the special shape of the round burner tube with a waist * that directs the oxygen jet directly towards the flame.
In the flat burner, the same concentration of oxygen is not formed at all, but the flame burns more freely and flickering, which means that much of the photogenic vapor is not burned but follows out into the room and the inhaled air.

Flat burners should thus only be used outdoors or in very well-ventilated areas.
The round burner provides a solid and strong light and is therefore suitable - unlike the flat burner - as a primary light source in spaces that lack other lighting (such as holiday homes, verandas and patios). 

1884年Skantze家旅帶著德國的機器和油燈製造技術移居到瑞典Karlskrona, 開設瑞典第一間油燈工廠。直至現今,

Karlskrona Lampfabriken的煤油燈都配備了根據 18 世紀末 Aimé Argand 的專利設計的圓形燃燒器。



Lamp is Handmade in Sweden
Shade is hand blowed in Poland

尺寸 Size: 

高Height : 330 mm
光源 Light-source : 10''' round burner
材資 Materia: Brass 黃銅
容量 Capacity : 約600ml
照明時間 Burning time: 30hours

只可使用石蠟油 Only for Paraffin Oil
切勿用任何揮發性燃料例如 白電油,酒精,火水等。

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