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Fire Box

Fire Box

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The design of the Petromax Firebox ensures a safe and protected fireplace, which is steady and leaves no burnt patches behind.

Resistance of the material
The precise cuts in the material serve as expansion joints and supply the fire with enough fresh air. They ensure that the Firebox does not become permanently distorted even at very high temperatures. 

Easy to use: 
The Firebox can be assembled in just a few steps and took apart just as easily after each use. The parts made of stainless steel can then be cleaned problem-free and packed in the practical pouch made of water-repellent ripstop fabric. Moreover, practical accessories, e.g. the optional Oven Brackets or Legs for Firebox, can be packed along with the Petromax Firebox to save space. 

L x W x H (in cm): 20.5 x15 x13
L x W x H: PACKED (in cm): 20.5 x15 x6

Weight (in g): 1400

Petromax Firebox為你提供一個安全穩定的焚火台。不繡鋼製造設計上特別注重通風效果,每片金屬之間都有緩衝,即使在極高溫下亦不會變型。只需數個步驟就可以完成組合。而且不鏽鋼板易於清潔。附有一個收納袋。收藏後只有6厘米厚。還可以另外加上配件成為一個焗爐。

體積 (組合後): L x W x H (in cm): 20.5 x15 x13

體積 (收藏時): L x W x H (in cm): 20.5 x15 x6

重量: 1400g

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