Victorinox Swiss Champ Wood, 91mm, Walnut
Victorinox Swiss Champ Wood, 91mm, Walnut

Victorinox Swiss Champ Wood, 91mm, Walnut
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Swiss Army Knife with Walnut Scales

Our Swiss Champ Wood pocket knife is a close echo of the original Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, itself a descendant of the legendary Officer's knife. We’ve remained faithful to its classical roots, while realizing its scales in smoothly crafted walnut, which hides no less than 29 functions and countless possibilities within it, including a ruler, pliers and a screwdriver. So wherever you are and whatever happens, the Swiss Champ Wood is the elegant fix-it solution that should always be with you.
scale material 刀柄材料: Nussbaumholz 胡桃木 

Height 厚: 33 mm
Length 長: 91 mm
Weight 重: 185 g

Tools 工具:
  • blade, large 刀
  • blade, small 小刀 
  • can opener 罐頭刀
  • screwdriver 3 mm 螺絲批 3mm
  • bottle opener  開瓶器
  • wire stripper 剝線鉗
  • screwdriver 6 mm 螺絲批 6mm
  • reamer, punch and sewing awl 鉸孔錐
  • scissors 剪刀
  • pliers 鉗
  • wire cutter 鋼絲鉗
  • wire crimper 壓線鉗
  • fish scaler 刮鳞器
  • hook disgorger 解繩器
            • ruler (cm) 間尺 厘米
            • ruler (inches) 間尺寸
            • wood saw 木鋸
            • nail file 指甲銼
            • metal saw 金屬鋸
            • metal file 金屬銼
            • nail cleaner 指甲清潔器
            • magnifying glass放大鏡
            • Phillips screwdriver 1 – 2
            • screwdriver 2.5 mm 螺絲批 2.5mm
            • chisel 4 mm 鑿子4mm
            • multipurpose hook 多用途鈎
            • key ring 鎖匙圈
            • mini screwdriver迷你螺絲批
            • corkscrew 紅酒開瓶器