Victorinox Spartan Wood
Victorinox Spartan Wood

Victorinox Spartan Wood
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Medium Pocket Knife with Walnut Wood Scales

Functional yet elegant, the Spartan Wood Swiss Army Knife packs 10 essential functions into its slimline profile, which is encased in scales of elegant, durable walnut wood. With the wood giving it a handcrafted, tactile feel, each tool is unique, thanks to the material’s natural grain. But don’t think this is a knife that’s a soft touch – it’s a noble, lightweight companion that’s made for everyday use and every day’s adventure, whether carried in a pocket or a toolbox.

scale material 刀柄材料: Walnut wood 胡桃木 

Height 厚: 15mm
Length 長: 91 mm
Weight 重: 57 g

Tools 工具:
    1. 大刀
    2. 小刀
    3. 開罐器
    4. 3 mm 螺絲批
    5. 開瓶器
    6. 6 mm 螺絲批
    7. 電線剝皮鉗
    8. 針、鑽孔錐及鏠紉孔
    9. 拔軟木塞器
    10. 鑰匙圈