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Teomati Sacred Copa

Teomati Sacred Copal Incense Sticks

Teomati Sacred Copal Incense Sticks

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Teomati Sacred Copal incense is handcrafted in the Mountains of Central and Southern Mexico using top quality natural copal resin. 

Copal is a resin derived from the "Copal Tree" that when burned produces a white smoke that's used as support for healing, cleansing, protection, contemplation or simply for relaxation. These and other uses are backed by thousands of years of ceremonial use by native mesoamericans, particularly in ancient Mexico.

Each pack contains 8 sticks, and each stick can last up to 90 minutes.
Incense is around 8" long. Handcrafted from pure Mexican copal resin.
*Copal will melt and may drop down when igniting. Don't do it on flammable surface. 

Teomati Sacred Copal incense是在墨西哥中南部山區,以最好的copal樹脂手製。
Copal Resin 柯巴脂 是一種天然樹脂,採集自Copal Tree,燃點時的白煙據說有治癒,潔淨,保護的作用。古代的中美洲人會用於禱告或各種儀式中。

燃點後3-5分鐘, Copal的香氣會慢慢散發。


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