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ROSEN BRIDGE Coffee Candle Value Pack (Cotton Wick Only)

ROSEN BRIDGE Coffee Candle Value Pack (Cotton Wick Only)

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3款"綿芯" 咖啡蠟燭套裝 原價 $585, 優惠價 $450

Black Coffee:
從取出咖啡豆到磨豆,將溫度剛好的熱水慢慢倒進咖啡粉上,小心翼翼沿著濾杯畫圈。享受Black Coffee香味也享受沖Black Coffee背後慢條斯理不慌不忙的生活態度。


Coffee in the air. Enjoy the smell of pure coffee, slower you steps and enjoy the time. 
Scents: Coffee beans/ Black coffee

Bushcraft Coffee Candle:
荒野中搭起柴火,用外接表焦黑的咖啡壺煮出一杯充滿原野氣息的熱咖啡 。

氣味 Scents: 黑咖啡 Black Coffee,松木 Pine,麝香 Musk

Strong scent of coffee and campfire. 
Scents: Black Coffee,Pine,Musk

Milk Coffee:

Sweet caramel taste coffee candle

We use 100% American soy wax with sustainable wood wick. All the scents are created by natural essential oil and phthalate free fragrance oils.

To prevent fire and injury, burn candle in sight. Keep away from vibrations. Keep out reach of children and pets. Never put candle near anything can catch fire.

Only burn candle on fire resistant surface. Do not burn the candle for more than 3 hours. Do not extinguish the candle before the surface of soy wax is completely melt. Do not use when ½ inch wax remain on bottom.

Be careful the tin maybe hot when burning. 

About Wick:

Cotton wick
綿芯碳化後,需要作出適當修剪(至3-4mm長度), 否則火焰會過大,影響蠟燭氣味。

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