Petromax HK500 Chrome

Petromax HK500 Chrome
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The Petromax is probably the best-known high-pressure light in the world. For more than 100 years, this weather-resistant and reliable lamp has been used in many different situations. Fishermen, for example, have been taking advantage of its powerful 400 watts to cast for fish at night. Moreover, many fascinating and compelling stories have been brought to light in the presence of the lamp. Aid organisations, armies and other forces also count on the Petromax.


Petromax lamps are made from solid brass. The cylinder consists of high temperature-resistant glass. Thus, you can efficiently use the lamp, regardless of wind and weather.





Technical details/ 詳細資料:

Height高: 15.75 inches

Diameter直徑: 6.7 inches

Weight 重量: 5.3 pounds

Tank capacity 油缸容量:  litre

Burning time燃點時間: 8-10 hours

Illumination亮度: 400 watts

Fuel 燃料: Kerosene 火水