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ESPIRITUS DEL ANDE- Palo Santo & Wiracoa

ESPIRITUS DEL ANDE- Palo Santo & Wiracoa

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以安第斯山脈生長的Palo Santo及Wiracoa製成。全天然無添加。 原住民以傳統的方法將樹木和樹脂磨碎,壓成條狀,再天然風乾。 過程中充滿他們對自然環境的愛護和尊重。 這亦是一個幫助當地原住民自食其力的計劃之一

Palo Santo 和

一盒6條,約12cm長 ,燃點時間每支約8-10分鐘。

Handmade in Peru by native people. 

Espiritus del Ande Incense is a 100% natural product, hand crafted from plants & resins native to The Andes Mountains.

The main ingredients: Palo Santo & 
Wiracoa  are known throughout the land as items for cleansing, purification and good fortune. 

They are produced by local natives in Southern Peru. Then dried by sunlight and packaged in handmade boxes. The Palo Santo & Wiracoa shown here have been used for thousands of years to promote spiritual & physical health. They are both native to the Andes Mountains.

6 sticks per pack, around 12cm long, burning time around 8-10mins.

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