Coffee Pixels Cascara
Coffee Pixels Cascara
Coffee Pixels Cascara
Coffee Pixels Cascara

Coffee Pixels Cascara
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夏天郵寄時咖啡磚有極大可能會溶化,因此Coffee Pixel只會接受到店自取,不論閣下選擇那種運送方法。

Coffee Pixels Cascara is made of both coffee beans and their super-fruit part often called Cascara. With the whole coffee cherry being used, this delicious bar leaves no coffee waste from production. So it’s not just a coffee superfood for you, but also it’s environment-friendly - double win!

Coffee Pixels Cascara tastes bright, fruity and complex just like the best cups of coffee. 

Flavor profile: Dried fruit, coffee, chocolate
Texture: Smooth, rich, juicy
Aftertaste: Lingering, grapefruit

Nutritional value: serving size one bar (10g)
50mg Caffeine (equals one cup of espresso)
3.98g Total fat / 2.48g of which saturated
2.84g Carbohydrates / 0.79g of which sugars
2.23g Fiber
0.49g Protein

Each bar is made from Organic, specialty grade coffee grown in Ethiopia. It was grown in wild forests and semi-wild forests 1950-2150 meters above sea level. The coffee cherries are from Ethiopian Heirloom varietals and were de-pulped using the washed process.

Our cascara comes from Nicaragua. Those are Catuai, Caturra Java varietal coffee cherries grown in average 1350-1550 meters above sea level. The dry (natural) process used to separate the coffee bean from the coffee fruit, gives this cascara sweet and juicy dried fruit flavor.