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Firekit with box and double striker

Firekit with box and double striker

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Complete firestarting kit, include Tobacco Box with magnifying lens, flint, new double striker, char cloth and jute. The importance of knowing how to start a fire could save a life, learn or teach someone today!_
For instructions go to and type in TDCMFG_ glass lens. Our mosPrimarily designed to carry snuff. Many other uses: greased patches, flints, percussion caps, small flint & steel kit, etc. Friction fit lid._
Measures 2-5/8" round x 1 1/6" tall.t popular box. Copied from museum original. Very popular trade item stocked by Hudson Bay Company, Northwest Company and many others during the fur trade era. High quality 6 power magnifier to light pipes and camp fires. Friction fit lid and lens cover. Measures 4-5/16" x 3" x 1"

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