Ambergris- DEEP series

Ambergris- DEEP series
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包裝尺寸 L57 x W56 x H9 (mm)

Creating a sensual moment through a fusion of sweetness of oriental passion and wildness

8 sticks / with exclusive mat
Product package size H57 x W56 x D9(mm)

Instructions for Use

  • Read and follow the direction for use carefully before using the products.
  • Be sure to take precautions against fire, and don’t leave it while it is still burning.
  • Don’t put the stick on the exclusive mat before confirming that its flame has already settled and fire has already spread to its incense part.
  • It is not edible. Be sure to keep it away from infants.
  • Don’t use it for any purposed other than intended.
  • Avoid storing it in hot and humid places to prevent quality degradation.